Average rent in Ankeny

Average rent in Ankeny,IA

In regards to the average rent in Ankeny, IA, it is important to note the significant changes that have occurred over the past few years. Firstly, the average rent in 2023 is projected to be $1,500 per month, representing a significant increase from previous years. Despite this hike, Ankeny continues to remain an affordable option for those in search of housing in Iowa. Additionally, the city’s growth and rising popularity have contributed to a surge in housing demands, thereby driving rental prices higher. It is imperative for renters to be aware of these trends and make informed decisions based on their personal budget and preferences.

Average rent in Ankeny,IA for 1-bedroom

In 2023, the average rent in Ankeny, IA for a 1-bedroom apartment is projected to be $1,300. This represents a substantial increase from previous years. In 2020, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Ankeny, IA was $1,100, while in 2021 it rose to $1,200. This upward trend in rental costs is due to a combination of factors, including increased demand for housing, rising construction costs, and changes in the local economy. Despite the higher rental costs, Ankeny remains an attractive location for many renters thanks to its strong job market, excellent schools, and high quality of life.

Average rent in Ankeny,IA for 2-bedroom

In 2023, the average rent in Ankeny, IA for a 2-bedroom apartment will increase to $1,500. This is a significant jump from the previous year’s average rent of $1,300, indicating a substantial increase of almost 15%. Looking back over the past decade, the trend of rising rents in Ankeny has been steady with each passing year. In fact, in 2013, the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Ankeny was only $900, making the 2023 rate an increase of a whopping 67%. Clearly, the cost of living in Ankeny is on the rise and expected to continue climbing in the years ahead. Therefore, it’s more important than ever for renters to budget accordingly and make sure they’re getting the most value for their money.

Average rent in Ankeny,IA for 3-bedroom

The average rent in Ankeny, IA for a 3-bedroom apartment is projected to increase in the year 2023. Currently, the average rent stands at $1,900 per month. However, this is a significant increase compared to the past years. In 2020, the average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Ankeny was only $1,200 per month. In 2021, it increased to $1,250 per month, meaning the rent is expected to increase by $50 in 2022 and another $50 in 2023. This steady rise in rent prices can be attributed to the growing demand for rental properties, scarcity of available properties, and the overall economic growth of Ankeny. Nonetheless, this trend might deter low-income families and individuals from settling in the area.

Average rent in Ankeny,IA for studio

In terms of the average rent for a studio apartment in Ankeny, IA, there are several notable trends to keep in mind. As of 2023, the average rent for a studio in this area is $1,200 per month, which is a significant increase when compared to previous years.

For instance, in 2021, the average rent for a studio apartment in Ankeny was just $950 per month, representing a nearly 25% increase in just two years. Despite this upward trend, it’s worth noting that Ankeny still offers relatively affordable living options compared to other cities in the region, making it an attractive choice for many residents.

Average rent in Ankeny,IA for townhouse

In recent years, the average rent in Ankeny, IA for townhouses has experienced significant fluctuations. However, according to the latest data, in 2023, the average rent for a townhouse in Ankeny will increase to $1,650, which is a 5% rise when compared to the previous year.

Moreover, when compared to 5 years ago, the average rent has surged by a staggering 32%. Despite this increase, Ankeny continues to be an attractive area for renters as it offers an abundance of amenities and affordable living options. In summary, while the average rent in Ankeny has seen its fair share of ups and downs in recent years, it appears that it will continue to rise to new heights in the coming years.

Most expensive neighborhoods in Ankeny,IA

Ankeny, IA is a city with a diverse range of neighborhoods catering to different lifestyles and budgets. However, there are some neighborhoods that stand out for their luxury homes, well-manicured lawns, and proximity to high-end amenities.

These are the most expensive neighborhoods in Ankeny, IA, and they offer a glimpse of life in luxury: Prairie Trail, Otter Creek, Briar Creek, and Devoe Heights. These neighborhoods have an average home value of $400,000 or more and are home to some of the city’s wealthiest occupants. They offer a range of housing options, from sprawling estates to custom-built homes, and are known for their tranquility, exclusivity, and high-end facilities.

Most affordable neighborhoods in Ankeny,IA

Ankeny, IA is full of fantastic neighborhoods, and some of them are more affordable than others. If you’re searching for a budget-friendly community to call home, there are several to choose from. You might want to check out neighborhoods like Autumn Ridge, which offers a range of affordable single-family homes with easy access to the area’s best amenities. Another option is Prairie Trail, a newer community with a variety of townhomes and smaller homes that are often more affordable than some of the larger ones in the area. Whatever your budget, Ankeny has a neighborhood that will fit your needs.

Most popular neighborhoods in Ankeny,IA

Ankeny, IA is a popular and growing city with an abundance of great neighborhoods to choose from. Some of the most popular neighborhoods include Prairie Trail, which offers a mix of residential and commercial areas with great amenities like parks, shopping centers, and restaurants. Other sought-after neighborhoods include Otter Creek, which is known for its large lots and newer construction homes, and Briarwood South, a well-established neighborhood with tree-lined streets and spacious lots. Residents of Ankeny appreciate the strong sense of community and family-friendly atmosphere found in these popular neighborhoods.

Comparison with other cities

1. Ankeny, IA – $1,038
2. Des Moines, IA – $923
3. Cedar Rapids, IA – $845
4. Iowa City, IA – $1,164
5. Omaha, NE – $1,032
6. Lincoln, NE – $975
7. Minneapolis, MN – $1,593
8. Kansas City, MO – $962
9. Saint Louis, MO – $1,066
10. Chicago, IL – $1,797
11. Denver, CO – $1,666
12. Seattle, WA – $2,169
13. Portland, OR – $1,599
14. Austin, TX – $1,467
15. Dallas, TX – $1,219


Q: What is the average rent in Ankeny, IA in 2023?
A: As of 2023, the average rent in Ankeny, IA is $1,300 per month for a one-bedroom apartment and $1,500 per month for a two-bedroom apartment.

Q: Has the average rent in Ankeny, IA increased or decreased from the previous year?
A: The average rent in Ankeny, IA has increased from the previous year. In 2022, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment was $1,200 per month and for a two-bedroom apartment was $1,700 per month.

Q: What factors affect the average rent in Ankeny, IA?
A: The average rent in Ankeny, IA is affected by various factors such as location, amenities, size of the apartment, and demand for housing.

Q: Which areas in Ankeny, IA have the highest and lowest rent for apartments?
A: The areas with the highest rental prices in Ankeny, IA are located in the city center and downtown. The lowest rental prices can be found in the outskirts and suburbs of Ankeny.

Q: Are there any affordable housing options in Ankeny, IA for low-income families?
A: Yes, there are various affordable housing options available for low-income families in Ankeny, IA such as Section 8 and subsidized housing programs.

Q: Are utilities included in the average rent in Ankeny, IA?
A: Utilities are not always included in the average rent in Ankeny, IA. Tenants are responsible for paying their own utilities such as electricity, gas, water, and internet bills.

Q: Is it expensive to rent a house in Ankeny, IA?
A: House rentals in Ankeny, IA are generally more expensive than apartment rentals. The average rent for a single-family detached house in Ankeny, IA is $2,400 per month.

Q: Are there any rental properties available in Ankeny, IA with pet-friendly policies?
A: Yes, there are various pet-friendly rental properties available in Ankeny, IA. However, pet policies and fees may vary among different landlords and apartment complexes.


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