Average rent in Evansville

Average rent in Evansville,IN

The average rent in Evansville, IN has significantly increased over the years. In 2019, the average rent was $750 per month. In 2020, the average rent increased to $800 per month. However, in 2021, the average rent skyrocketed to $900 per month. Looking ahead to 2023, the average rent is projected to reach $1000 per month. Clearly, the cost of living in Evansville has risen significantly, making it more difficult for individuals and families to afford a comfortable lifestyle. In light of these rising costs, it is important for residents to plan accordingly and budget for the increased expenses.

Average rent in Evansville,IN for 1-bedroom

In regards to average rent in Evansville, IN for 1-bedroom, there has been a noticeable increase over the past few years. In 2023, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Evansville is expected to be around $850 per month. This is a significant jump from the average rent of $700 per month in 2018. Furthermore, there has been a steady increase in rent prices each year, with prices rising to $750 per month in 2019 and to $800 per month in 2021. Given this trend, it is likely that rent prices will continue to rise in the coming years, making it more challenging for many people to secure affordable housing in the city.

Average rent in Evansville,IN for 2-bedroom

In 2023, the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Evansville, IN has increased significantly compared to the previous years. Firstly, in 2018, the average rent was $850 per month, which increased to $925 in 2020. Secondly, in 2021, it increased again to $975 per month. Moreover, in 2023, the average rent has reached $1050 per month, indicating a steady increment of $75 per year. However, despite the rising prices, Evansville is still considered an affordable city to live in, particularly in comparison to larger metropolitan areas. All things considered, it can be concluded that Evansville’s rental market shows a gradual upward trend with a moderate rise in prices over the years.

Average rent in Evansville,IN for 3-bedroom

According to data analysis, the average rent in Evansville, IN for a 3-bedroom apartment is expected to increase by 7% in 2023. This is a stark contrast from the 2% increase seen in 2022. It seems that the housing market is experiencing a significant shift in demand, leading to a rise in rental prices. Even in comparison to pre-pandemic levels, the average rent for a 3-bedroom in 2023 is projected to be approximately 15% higher. In conclusion, the trend of increasing rent costs in Evansville, IN may continue for the foreseeable future.

Average rent in Evansville,IN for studio

In 2023, the average rent in Evansville, IN for a studio is expected to increase. Compared to the previous year, the average rent for a studio in Evansville, IN is projected to rise by approximately 5%. This trend is not new, as over the past few years, rent prices in Evansville, IN have been steadily increasing. In fact, from 2018 to 2022, the average rent for a studio in Evansville, IN increased by approximately 3% each year. Despite this upward trend, however, Evansville, IN remains relatively affordable compared to other cities in the United States.

Average rent in Evansville,IN for townhouse

In 2023, the average rent for a townhouse in Evansville, IN is expected to increase. According to recent data, the average rent for a townhouse in 2020 was $900 per month. However, in 2021, the average rent increased to $950 per month, indicating a small but noticeable increase. This trend is projected to continue into the future, with estimates suggesting that the average rent for a townhouse in Evansville, IN will reach $1,000 per month in 2023. Despite the increasing cost of rent, there are still opportunities for renters to find affordable options through careful research and comparison. Additionally, some landlords may be willing to negotiate rental rates or offer incentives to attract tenants. In conclusion, while the trend towards higher rent prices may be concerning for some, it’s important to remain vigilant and informed in order to make the best decisions for your housing needs.

Most expensive neighborhoods in Evansville,IN

Evansville, Indiana is home to several luxurious neighborhoods that offer upscale living, excellent public amenities, and safety. The most expensive neighborhoods in Evansville, Indiana include the Old Stone House Historic District, Belle Rive, River Ridge, and Eagle Crossing, among others. These neighborhoods are known for their well-manicured lawns, spacious properties, and upscale homes. Living in one of these neighborhoods comes at a premium cost, but the quality of life and exclusive amenities make it worth the investment.

Most affordable neighborhoods in Evansville,IN

Evansville, IN has a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and character. However, for those looking for affordable living, certain neighborhoods stand out. One of the most affordable neighborhoods in Evansville is Jacobsville, which boasts a low cost of living while also offering easy access to downtown amenities. Another option is the area around Lincolnshire, which has a nice mix of historic homes and more modern living spaces, all at reasonable prices. These neighborhoods are just a few examples of the many affordable options for those seeking a home in Evansville, IN.

Most popular neighborhoods in Evansville,IN

Evansville, IN has a range of neighborhoods that offer unique characteristics and charm. Among the most popular neighborhoods in Evansville is the West Side, known for its beautiful historic homes, tree-lined streets, and easy access to local amenities. Another highly sought-after area is Newburgh, a small town located just east of Evansville with vibrant local shops and restaurants. Eagle Crossing, located on the north side, offers a mix of new construction homes and established neighborhoods. Finally, Downtown Evansville offers an exciting urban lifestyle with its flourishing arts and culture scene and diverse eateries. No matter which neighborhood you choose, Evansville offers a warm and welcoming community atmosphere.

Comparison with other cities

Here’s a list of 15 cities in the US and their average rent, compared to Evansville, IN:
1. New York, NY – $3,480
2. Los Angeles, CA – $2,528
3. Chicago, IL – $1,797
4. Houston, TX – $1,169
5. Phoenix, AZ – $1,180
6. Philadelphia, PA – $1,608
7. San Antonio, TX – $1,041
8. San Diego, CA – $2,242
9. Dallas, TX – $1,318
10. San Jose, CA – $2,657
11. Austin, TX – $1,474
12. Jacksonville, FL – $1,059
13. Fort Worth, TX – $1,203
14. Columbus, OH – $1,045
15. Charlotte, NC – $1,207


Q: What types of apartments are available in Evansville, IN?
A: There are a wide variety of apartment types available in Evansville, including studios, single-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and larger multi-bedroom apartments. There are also pet-friendly apartment complexes available, as well as luxury apartment complexes with various amenities.

Q: What factors affect rent prices in Evansville, IN?
A: Factors that can affect rent prices in Evansville include the size of the apartment, the apartment’s location within the city, the age and quality of the building, and the amenities included with the rent. Additionally, higher demand for apartments in certain neighborhoods or during certain times of the year can drive up rent prices.

Q: Are there any neighborhoods in Evansville that are more affordable than others?
A: Yes, there are neighborhoods in Evansville that have more affordable rental prices than others. Some examples include the neighborhoods of Lamasco, Bayard Park, and Riverside. However, the exact rental prices in each neighborhood can vary depending on factors such as the size and quality of the apartments and the level of demand in the area.

Q: Are there any resources available to help renters find affordable housing in Evansville?
A: Yes, there are many resources available to help renters find affordable housing options in Evansville. Some helpful websites include apartments.com, Zillow, and Craigslist. Additionally, renters can also look into local housing authority programs or nonprofit organizations that specialize in affordable housing assistance.



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