Average rent in Hartford

Average rent in Hartford,CT

Over the years, the average rent in Hartford, CT has fluctuated significantly. In 2018, the average rent was $1,200 per month, which increased to $1,300 per month in 2019. However, due to the pandemic, there was a slight decrease, and the average rent fell to $1,250 per month in 2020. Looking ahead, it is projected that the average rent in Hartford, CT in 2023 will be $1,700 per month. This is an increase of $150 from the previous year and indicates a positive trend for the city’s real estate market. Nevertheless, despite this increase, it is still possible to find affordable rentals in Hartford, CT, for those who are on a tight budget.

Average rent in Hartford,CT for 1-bedroom

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Hartford, CT is projected to increase significantly by the year 2023. In fact, it is expected to rise by as much as 10% compared to the previous year alone. This jump in rent prices can be attributed to a variety of factors, such as a rising demand for housing in the area coupled with a shortage in available apartments. Furthermore, landlords have been capitalizing on the current economic climate by increasing rent prices gradually each year. As a result, renters in Hartford, CT should be prepared for higher monthly payments and should consider their options carefully before committing to a lease.

Average rent in Hartford,CT for 2-bedroom

The average rent in Hartford, CT for a 2-bedroom apartment has gradually increased over the past few years. In 2023, the average rent has risen to $1,700 per month. This is a significant increase from the 2018 average of $1,400 per month. Looking back on the previous years, there has been a steady climb in rent prices. In 2021, the average was $1,550 per month, and in 2022 it increased to $1,650 per month. Moving forward, it is uncertain whether this trend will continue, or if the market will stabilize. Overall, residents seeking a 2-bedroom apartment in Hartford should be prepared for gradually increasing rent prices.

Average rent in Hartford,CT for 3-bedroom

The average rent in Hartford, CT for a 3-bedroom apartment has shown an upward trend over the years. In 2023, the average rent is expected to reach $2,200, which is $150 higher than the previous year. Furthermore, as compared to 2019, the average rent has increased by a whopping $400. Despite this, it is essential to note that the rising rent prices have not gone unnoticed by the government, as they have recently implemented rent control policies. However, regardless of the efforts made to control rent prices, it is safe to say that the trend of rising rent prices will continue to persist.

Average rent in Hartford,CT for studio

In 2023, the average rent in Hartford, CT for a studio apartment is projected to be $1,400. This marks a significant increase from the previous year, as in 2022 the average rent for a studio was $1,200. Looking back further, there has been a steady rise in rental prices over the past five years. In 2019, the average rent for a studio in Hartford was $1,000, while in 2017 it was only $800.
Despite these increases, Hartford still remains a more affordable option for renters compared to nearby cities like Boston and New York. Nonetheless, it may be wise for prospective tenants to begin their apartment search sooner rather than later to secure a more favorable rental rate.

Average rent in Hartford,CT for townhouse

In 2023, the average rent for a townhouse in Hartford, CT has increased significantly compared to the previous years. According to recent research, the average rent now stands at $2,200 per month, which is a substantial increase compared to the $1,800 in 2020 and $1,950 in 2021. This increase can be attributed to various factors, including demand for housing in the area, changes in the economy, and the ongoing pandemic. Despite the increase, many people are still choosing to rent in Hartford and surrounding areas due to its desirable location, amenities, and job opportunities. Overall, the trend points towards rising rental rates for townhouses in Hartford, CT, with no indication of slowing down in the coming years.

Average rent in Hartford,CT by Neighborhood

– Downtown Hartford: $1,837
– North Meadows: $1,660
– Asylum Hill: $1,735
– Barry Square: $1,745
– Frog Hollow: $1,731
– Behind the Rocks: $1,594
– Parkville: $1,774
– South Green: $1,707
– Southwest: $1,611
– Sheldon/Charter Oak: $1,855

Most expensive neighborhoods in Hartford,CT

Hartford, Connecticut has some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the state. These neighborhoods are known for their luxury homes, upscale restaurants, and top-rated schools. The West End is one such neighborhood that stands out for its elegance and exclusivity. Here, magnificent old Victorian buildings and mansions line the streets, giving the area a distinct character. Other affluent neighborhoods in Hartford include Downtown, South Green, and Asylum Hill. These areas offer high-end shopping, cultural attractions, and unmatched convenience, making them ideal locations for those who can afford to live the good life.

Most affordable neighborhoods in Hartford,CT

If you’re looking for an affordable place to live in Hartford, CT, there are several neighborhoods that offer reasonably priced housing options.
One of the most affordable neighborhoods in Hartford is Upper Albany, where you can find a mix of single-family homes, condos, and apartment complexes at affordable rates.

Another neighborhood to consider is Clay Arsenal, which is located near downtown Hartford and offers affordable housing options in a convenient location. Other affordable neighborhoods to check out in Hartford include Asylum Hill, Frog Hollow, and Parkville, all of which offer a mix of housing types at affordable prices.

Most popular neighborhoods in Hartford,CT

Hartford, CT is home to some of the most popular neighborhoods in the state. One of the top areas is West End, known for its beautiful historic homes and prestigious properties.

Another popular neighborhood is Downtown Hartford, which offers a bustling city vibe with excellent restaurants, shops and entertainment. South End is another top neighborhood known for its diversity, charming residential streets, and close proximity to parks and walking trails. These neighborhoods offer a great mix of urban conveniences and suburban charm, making them some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Hartford.

Comparison with other cities

1. Hartford, CT – $1,247
2. New Haven, CT – $1,679
3. Bridgeport, CT – $1,782
4. Springfield, MA – $1,200
5. Worcester, MA – $1,462
6. Providence, RI – $1,657
7. Albany, NY – $1,261
8. Syracuse, NY – $1,136
9. Rochester, NY – $1,105
10. Buffalo, NY – $1,062
11. Cleveland, OH – $1,217
12. Pittsburgh, PA – $1,185
13. Philadelphia, PA – $1,753
14. Baltimore, MD – $1,420
15. Wilmington, DE – $1,299


Q: What is the average rent in Hartford, CT?
A: As of 2023, the average rent in Hartford, CT is $1,700 per month.

Q: Does the average rent vary by neighborhood?
A: Yes, the average rent can vary by neighborhood in Hartford. For example, in downtown Hartford the average rent may be higher than in some of the suburban areas.

Q: What types of apartments are available in Hartford?
A: There are a variety of options for apartments in Hartford, including studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and larger. There are also options for furnished and unfurnished apartments, as well as apartments with amenities like a gym or pool.

Q: Are utilities included in the average rent?
A: It depends on the apartment complex or landlord. Some apartments include utilities as part of the rent, while others require tenants to pay for their own utilities separately.

Q: What is the typical lease length in Hartford?
A: The typical lease length in Hartford is generally 12 months, but this can vary depending on the landlord or apartment complex.

Q: Are there any affordable housing options in Hartford?
A: Yes, there are affordable housing options available in Hartford. These may include subsidized housing or low-income housing, as well as programs to assist with rent payments for those who qualify.

Q: What is the rental application process like in Hartford?
A: The rental application process in Hartford typically involves filling out an application form and providing proof of income and identity. Some landlords or apartment complexes may also require a credit check or background check.

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