Best neighborhoods in Des Moines for families

Des Moines is a fantastic city for families to reside in because of its plethora of opportunities to engage in family-friendly activities.

Some of the key factors for finding the perfect neighborhood for families include being close to high-quality schools, parks, and recreation centers. Additionally, neighborhoods that are pedestrian-friendly and have safe streets are ideal, as children can ride their bikes or play outside without parents having to worry about their safety.

Other important factors include having a variety of restaurants and shops within proximity and proximity to public transportation. With all of these factors in mind, it is clear that Des Moines is a city that truly prioritizes the well-being and happiness of families.

Top Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Des Moines

Des Moines has a lot to offer families looking for neighborhoods with great amenities, schools, and community. Firstly, some of the best neighborhoods for families include Waukee, Urbandale, and Clive. These neighborhoods stand out because they have excellent schools and plenty of parks and recreational activities. For instance, in Urbandale, there is a fantastic aquatic center and a community center that hosts events throughout the year.

Similarly, Waukee has some of the best schools in the area and plenty of green spaces for outdoor activities. In terms of community, Clive has an inclusive atmosphere and hosts several community events to bring people together. All of these neighborhoods offer safe and family-oriented communities that cater to the needs of every family member.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family-Friendly Neighborhood

There are several factors to consider when choosing a family-friendly neighborhood in Des Moines. For instance, what are the essential features that matter to you and your family?

When it comes to choosing a neighborhood, proximity to schools, parks, and access to transportation are some common features that many families look for. Moreover, some families may prioritize safety, access to healthcare facilities, and community amenities, such as libraries, playgrounds, and community centers. Ultimately, when choosing a family-friendly neighborhood, it is crucial to assess your family’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle to find the best fit.

Neighborhood Comparison Chart

Des Moines offers many family-friendly neighborhoods that are highly sought after for their safety, schools, and community engagement. To compare the top neighborhoods, we can first evaluate their key features and amenities.

Firstly, one can observe the Downtown Des Moines neighborhood, which has a highly urbanized lifestyle that appeals to many. On the other hand, the Beaverdale neighborhood boasts its beautiful tree-lined streets and classic homes. Other significant features worth mentioning are the wondrous trails and walkways that come with the Waveland Park neighborhood.

Additionally, the Waukee neighborhood is known for having a great emphasis on education and the Johnston neighborhood is highly regarded for its low crime rate. Ultimately, each neighborhood shows promising qualities that strive to create a family-friendly environment.

Additional Considerations for Families

In addition to safety, affordability, and diversity, there are some other important considerations for families when choosing a neighborhood in Des Moines.

Firstly, it is important to consider the location’s proximity to schools, parks, and other facilities that suit the family’s lifestyle. Moreover, families must weigh their lifestyle needs and budget constraints before selecting a neighborhood. It is vital to strike a balance between the two because going overboard with either can damage the family’s finances and lifestyle. To find that equilibrium, families can consult a financial advisor or look for professional help from a real estate agent familiar with Des Moines’ neighborhoods.

Ultimately, families should do their research, ask around, and prioritize their needs before settling on a Des Moines neighborhood.


In conclusion, families looking for a neighborhood in Des Moines should keep in mind several key takeaways.

First, prioritizing safety and proximity to top-rated schools is crucial for finding a suitable community. Additionally, neighborhoods with ample parks and recreation areas can offer a variety of activities for children and adults alike. Some top family-friendly neighborhoods in Des Moines include Waukee, Clive, and Ankeny.

For those seeking additional information and assistance, online resources such as Niche and GreatSchools can provide helpful insights and ratings. It may also be beneficial to consult with a local real estate agent who specializes in family-friendly neighborhoods. With careful consideration and research, families can find the perfect neighborhood that meets their unique needs and provides a safe and welcoming environment.


Q: What are the best neighborhoods in Des Moines for families?
A: According to the latest data from 2023, the best neighborhoods in Des Moines for families include Waveland Woods, Windsor Heights, and Urbandale.

Q: What factors make these neighborhoods ideal for families?
A: These neighborhoods offer great schools, low crime rates, access to parks and recreational facilities, and a high quality of life.

Q: What are the best schools in these neighborhoods?
A: The top-rated schools in these neighborhoods include Waveland Park Elementary, Windsor Heights Elementary, and Karen Acres Elementary.

Q: What are the average home prices in these neighborhoods?
A: The average home prices in Waveland Woods, Windsor Heights, and Urbandale are $320,000, $280,000, and $290,000 respectively.

Q: Are there any amenities nearby these neighborhoods?
A: Yes, there are plenty of amenities nearby such as shopping centers, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Q: How is the commute to downtown Des Moines from these neighborhoods?
A: The average commute time to downtown Des Moines from these neighborhoods is approximately 20-30 minutes.

Q: Is there any public transportation available in these neighborhoods?
A: Yes, there are several public transportation options available such as buses and trains.

Q: Are these neighborhoods diverse?
A: Yes, Des Moines is a diverse city and these neighborhoods reflect that diversity.

Q: How safe are these neighborhoods?
A: These neighborhoods have low crime rates, making them safe and desirable for families.

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