Best neighborhoods in Montclair for families

Montclair is a great city for families, offering a wide range of attractions and amenities. When choosing the best neighborhood for families in Montclair, there are several key factors to consider. Firstly, safety is crucial, and Montclair boasts some of the safest neighborhoods in the region. Family-friendly neighborhoods such as Upper Montclair and Watchung Plaza offer excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities. Additionally, these areas are known for their strong sense of community spirit, making them ideal places for families to settle down. Finally, with easy access to public transportation, major highways, and airports, families in Montclair can enjoy the best of both suburban and city living. Ultimately, the best neighborhoods in Montclair for families prioritize safety, education, and a sense of community.

Top Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Montclair

Montclair is known for its family-friendly neighborhoods, where residents can enjoy a quality lifestyle in a safe and welcoming community. Firstly, one of the best neighborhoods for families is Upper Montclair, which is home to top-ranked schools, beautiful parks, and an array of recreational activities.

Secondly, Watchung Plaza boasts quaint tree-lined streets, local restaurants, and shops that cater to families’ needs. Thirdly, the South End has a diverse community, easy access to transportation, and excellent schools that will benefit families with children. What makes these neighborhoods stand out is the availability of excellent schools, ample green spaces, and a variety of amenities such as shopping and dining options, making it a perfect fit for families.

Overall, Montclair neighborhoods offer a unique sense of community, with residents who take pride in their neighborhoods and work together to create a welcoming environment for all.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family-Friendly Neighborhood

When choosing a family-friendly neighborhood in Montclair, there are various factors that should be taken into consideration. Firstly, parents should consider the safety and security of the area. Is there low crime rate?

Secondly, proximity to good schools should be considered, since parents seek educational opportunities for their children.

Thirdly, access to parks and recreational areas, where children can play and engage in physical activities, is essential.

Moreover, good access to transportation, such as buses or trains, is crucial for parents who work outside the neighborhood. Common features that families look for in a neighborhood included playgrounds, sports fields, pools, and community centers.

In addition, some families look for easy access to grocery stores and shops. In conclusion, these factors should be carefully assessed to ensure the ideal family-friendly environment for one’s needs in Montclair.

Neighborhood Comparison Chart

When we compare the top family-friendly neighborhoods in Montclair, several key features and amenities come to mind. For example, in Maplewood, residents enjoy easy access to a bustling downtown area filled with shops and restaurants. Meanwhile, in Upper Montclair, families can take advantage of the sprawling Anderson Park or hit the links at the Montclair Golf Club. Additionally, Glen Ridge boasts some of the top-rated schools in the area, while Montclair’s South End is known for its diverse population and strong sense of community. Ultimately, each of these neighborhoods offers unique benefits for families looking to settle in the Montclair area. By carefully comparing these options, families can identify the ideal neighborhood for their needs and priorities.

Additional Considerations for Families

When considering a neighborhood in Montclair, families should take into account several additional factors that may influence their decision. Safety is perhaps the most critical consideration; parents may want to research the area’s crime rates and speak with current residents to get a sense of the security of the community. Affordability is also essential, as families must find a balance between their lifestyle needs and budget constraints. Parents may consider evaluating their housing expenses, such as mortgage or rent, property taxes, and utility bills, against their income. Finally, diversity is another key aspect of neighborhood selection. Families may want to research the racial, ethnic, and cultural makeup of the community to ensure they feel welcome and included. Ultimately, with careful research and consideration, families can find a neighborhood that meets all their needs.


In conclusion, there are several key takeaways for families looking for a neighborhood in Montclair.

Firstly, it is important to consider the safety of the neighborhood and availability of quality schools. Additionally, the accessibility to parks, restaurants and entertainment can greatly enhance the livability of the area.

There are several resources available to those seeking additional information and assistance with choosing a family-friendly neighborhood in Montclair.

Websites such as GreatSchools and NeighborhoodScout provide valuable data on schools and crime rates, while local real estate agents and government housing authorities can offer insight on neighborhood demographics and affordability. By utilizing these resources, families can make informed decisions and find the perfect neighborhood for their family in Montclair.


Q: What are the best neighborhoods in Montclair for families in 2023?
A: According to the latest data, the best neighborhoods in Montclair for families in 2023 are Upper Montclair, Watchung Plaza, and Edgemont.

Q: What makes Upper Montclair a good neighborhood for families?
A: Upper Montclair has highly-rated public schools, low crime rates, and a variety of family-friendly amenities, such as parks and recreational activities.

Q: What makes Watchung Plaza a good neighborhood for families?
A: Watchung Plaza is a popular neighborhood for families due to its close proximity to top-rated schools, transportation options, and vibrant downtown area with plenty of restaurants and shops.

Q: What makes Edgemont a good neighborhood for families?
A: Edgemont is a family-friendly neighborhood with great schools, parks, and community events, as well as easy access to major transportation routes and local amenities.

Q: What are the housing options like in these neighborhoods?
A: Housing options in these neighborhoods range from single-family homes to townhouses and apartments. There are a variety of styles and sizes available to fit different family sizes and budgets.

Q: How do these neighborhoods compare to other areas in Montclair?
A: These neighborhoods are some of the most desirable areas in Montclair for families due to their excellent schools, low crime rates, and abundance of amenities for children and adults. However, there are other neighborhoods in Montclair that may be more suitable for different lifestyles and preferences.

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