Best neighborhoods in Morristown for families

Morristown is an excellent city for families due to its friendly atmosphere, excellent schools, and unique walkability. When choosing a family-friendly neighborhood in Morristown, several key factors should come into play. Firstly, the safety of the neighborhood is paramount. Morristown is a city of great livability, and its neighborhoods are no exception. A commutable distance to work is also an important consideration – luckily, Morristown offers easy access to major highways like Route 287 and Route 24. Finally, proximity to quality schools is an important factor when choosing a family-friendly neighborhood. Morristown is well-known for its excellent schools, including Sussex Avenue School, Thomas Jefferson School, and Morristown High School. Overall, Morristown is a fantastic city for families looking for a neighborhood with great schools, easy commutes, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Top Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Morristown

When it comes to finding the perfect neighborhood for families in Morristown, there are several options to consider. Firstly, there is the picturesque neighborhood of Morris Glen, which is known for its award-winning schools and its close proximity to parks and playgrounds.

Another great neighborhood is the Jockey Hollow area, which boasts excellent community amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, and easy access to nearby hiking trails. In addition, the Convent Station neighborhood is known for its stunning historic homes, excellent schools, and its convenient location near shopping centers and other amenities. Overall, each of these neighborhoods stands out in terms of their exceptional schools, family-friendly amenities, and tight-knit community atmosphere, making them excellent options for families looking to relocate to Morristown.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family-Friendly Neighborhood

When choosing a family-friendly neighborhood in Morristown, there are several factors that parents should consider. Firstly, it is important to consider the safety of the neighborhood, as well as the crime rate in the area. Additionally, families should look for neighborhoods that have good schools nearby, as well as access to public transportation.

Another important consideration when choosing a family-friendly neighborhood is the availability of parks and outdoor recreational areas. Other common features that families often look for include easy access to grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping centers. By taking all of these factors into account, parents can ensure that they choose a neighborhood that meets their family’s needs and provides a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone to live in.

Neighborhood Comparison Chart

Firstly, when comparing the top family-friendly neighborhoods in Morristown, it is important to examine their similarities and differences. For instance, while all neighborhoods may offer recreational parks and quality schools, specific amenities could vary significantly.

Secondly, understanding the key features of each neighborhood will help in determining which location would be the best fit for a family. For example, one neighborhood may be known for its peaceful atmosphere, while another may be praised for its vibrant nightlife. Ultimately, by comparing the neighborhood comparison chart, individuals can make an informed decision when seeking a place to live that caters to their family’s unique lifestyle and preferences.

Additional Considerations for Families

When it comes to choosing a neighborhood in Morristown, families must keep in mind various factors that relate to their unique needs and preferences. Safety should be a primary concern, as families naturally prioritize the security of their loved ones. Apart from safety, affordability is a crucial factor, as families need to find a balance between their budget constraints and their lifestyle needs.

Diversity is another consideration, as families look for communities that bring together people from different cultural backgrounds. To address these considerations, families can conduct thorough research, considering factors such as crime rates, housing costs, and available amenities. Furthermore, seeking the guidance of a real estate professional may help families find neighborhoods that offer a better balance of interests at an affordable price.


In conclusion, families seeking a new neighborhood in Morristown should prioritize safety, affordability, and proximity to schools and parks. It is also important to consider factors such as transportation and community events when choosing a family-friendly area. To find additional information and assistance in selecting a neighborhood, resources such as local real estate agents and community websites can be helpful. Additionally, speaking with current residents and attending open houses can provide valuable insights into the atmosphere and amenities of different neighborhoods in Morristown. Ultimately, taking the time to research and evaluate various options can ensure that families make an informed and enjoyable choice for their new home.


Q: What are the best neighborhoods in Morristown for families?
A: According to the latest data from 2023, the best neighborhoods in Morristown for families are as follows: 1. Morris Plains – This neighborhood boasts a low crime rate and excellent schools, making it a perfect choice for families.
2. Green Pond – This family-friendly community features great schools, outdoor recreational activities, and a strong sense of community.
3. Mendham Borough – Known for their excellent schools and low crime rates, Mendham Borough is a top choice for families in Morristown.
4. Mountain Lakes – With top-rated schools and plenty of outdoor activities, Mountain Lakes is a great place for families to settle down.
5. Chatham – This neighborhood is known for its excellent schools and family-friendly atmosphere, making it a top choice for families in Morristown.

Q: What kind of housing options are available in these neighborhoods?
A: Morristown’s best neighborhoods for families offer a range of housing options, from single-family homes to townhouses and apartments. Families can find a home that suits their needs and budget in these neighborhoods.

Q: What are the crime rates like in these neighborhoods?
A: The neighborhoods listed above have low crime rates, making them a safe place for families to live. According to the latest data from 2023, the crime rates in these neighborhoods have remained consistently low over the past few years.

Q: How are the schools in these neighborhoods?
A: The schools in these neighborhoods are some of the best in Morristown. According to the latest data from 2023, these neighborhoods have excellent schools with high graduation rates and test scores.

Q: Are there parks and recreational activities available in these neighborhoods?
A: Yes, all of these neighborhoods offer plenty of parks and recreational activities for families to enjoy. From hiking trails to sports fields, families can find plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in these neighborhoods.

Q: Are there any public transportation options in these neighborhoods?
A: Yes, these neighborhoods have access to public transportation, making it easy for families to commute to work or school. There are bus and train stations located nearby, providing convenient transportation options for residents.

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