Best neighborhoods in Oklahoma City for families

Oklahoma City is a great city for families, offering a welcoming community, affordable cost of living, and a family-oriented lifestyle. When choosing a family-friendly neighborhood in Oklahoma City, there are many key factors to consider such as safety, access to quality schools, availability of parks and recreation areas, and affordability. In particular, neighborhoods like Nichols Hills, Edmond, and Norman are among the best in Oklahoma City for families due to their high safety ratings, exceptional schools, and abundance of family-friendly amenities. These areas provide a perfect balance of peace, tranquility, and opportunities for recreation and entertainment, making them ideal places for families to live and thrive.

Top Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Oklahoma City

When searching for the top family-friendly neighborhoods in Oklahoma City, several locations come to mind. Firstly, there is Edmond, a popular choice due to its highly-rated schools and family-oriented community. Another great option is Nichols Hills, known for its luxury homes and proximity to downtown Oklahoma City. Additionally, Deer Creek is a top pick with its highly-ranked schools and abundance of family-friendly amenities such as parks and recreational facilities. These neighborhoods stand out due to their excellent schools, safe and welcoming communities, and numerous family-friendly resources. Ultimately, these top family-friendly neighborhoods offer a superior quality of life that makes them the go-to choice for families looking to settle in Oklahoma City.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family-Friendly Neighborhood

When it comes to choosing a family-friendly neighborhood in Oklahoma City, there are several factors that families should consider. Firstly, it’s important to think about the proximity of schools and the quality of the education they provide. Additionally, access to transportation is also an important factor to take into account, as it can make it easier for families to get around and access important amenities. Another key consideration is the availability of parks and recreational spaces in the neighborhood, which can be a great resource for families with children. Overall, families should take the time to carefully consider these and other factors in order to choose a neighborhood that is the best fit for them.

Neighborhood Comparison Chart

When creating a Neighborhood Comparison Chart, it is important to consider the various factors that make a neighborhood family-friendly.

Firstly, we can look at how the top neighborhoods in Oklahoma City compare with each other. While some may have more affordable housing options, others may offer better schools or more community events.

Secondly, it is crucial to examine the key features and amenities of each neighborhood. For example, a neighborhood with a community pool and playground may be more appealing to families with young children.

On the other hand, a neighborhood with easy access to public transportation and local businesses may appeal more to families with older children. Ultimately, the Neighborhood Comparison Chart can provide a comprehensive overview of the top family-friendly neighborhoods in Oklahoma City and help families make informed decisions about where to live.

Additional Considerations for Families

When it comes to choosing a neighborhood in Oklahoma City, families need to consider a range of factors beyond just the location and accessibility to schools and amenities. Additional considerations for families include safety, affordability, and diversity. In terms of safety, families should look into crime rates and the presence of community resources such as neighborhood watch programs. Affordability is also a key factor, and families need to weigh their lifestyle needs against their budget constraints. This may involve considering less expensive areas or compromising on certain features of a home or neighborhood. Finally, diversity is increasingly becoming an important consideration for many families, as they seek out neighborhoods with a mix of cultures, ages, and backgrounds. Ultimately, finding the right balance between these considerations is essential for families looking to make the most of their Oklahoma City living experience.


In conclusion, families looking for a neighborhood in Oklahoma City have several key takeaways.

Firstly, they must consider their budget and the cost of living in different areas. Secondly, they must prioritize safety, good schools, and amenities such as parks and community centers.

Moreover, it is important to note that each family’s needs and preferences are unique, and a neighborhood that suits one may not suit another. For additional information and assistance with choosing a family-friendly neighborhood in Oklahoma City, there are several resources available. The Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, the city government’s website, and local real estate agents are all great places to start. It is also helpful to speak with current residents of neighborhoods under consideration and to attend community events to get a sense of the community vibe.


Q: What are the best neighborhoods in Oklahoma City for families?
A: According to the latest data (2023 year), the best neighborhoods in Oklahoma City for families include Edmond, Deer Creek, Nichols Hills, Piedmont, and Yukon. These neighborhoods have excellent school systems, low crime rates, plenty of family-friendly amenities, and affordable housing options.

Q: What are the average home prices in these neighborhoods?
A: The average home prices in Edmond are around $350,000, in Deer Creek around $400,000, in Nichols Hills around $600,000, in Piedmont around $300,000, and in Yukon around $250,000. However, it is important to note that home prices may vary based on factors such as location, size, and condition of the property.

Q: What are the school districts like in these neighborhoods?
A: All of the neighborhoods mentioned have excellent school districts with high graduation rates and test scores. Edmond Public Schools, Deer Creek Public Schools, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Piedmont Public Schools, and Yukon Public Schools all rank highly in terms of academic performance and overall quality.

Q: What amenities are available in these neighborhoods?
A: These neighborhoods offer plenty of family-friendly amenities such as parks, playgrounds, community centers, and sports fields. They also have easy access to shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Q: Are these neighborhoods safe?
A: Yes, all of these neighborhoods have low crime rates and are considered safe for families.

Q: Can I find affordable housing in these neighborhoods?
A: Yes, all of these neighborhoods have a variety of housing options at different price points to fit a range of budgets.

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